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Hi! I'm Hilary,

Are you living the life that makes your heart sing?  If so, are you taking the steps to make it happen? 
If not, coaching is designed to do just that -- it puts your dreams into action, so you can move past where you’re stuck and spend your precious time on what matters most.  
There’s no doubt you have a remarkable contribution to make, and you have the passion and motivation to do it. 
What if all that was missing were a few simple tools and support to get you going?  
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You can tell yourself a million times to be happy, read about it, talk about it or create lists.  Perhaps you can access it for transient moment, but unless you create the conditions that allow it to stabilize, the suffering will likely continue.
I provide 1:1 dynamic coaching, grounded in leading research on brain science to bring you to your most natural state of joy, love and fulfillment.   
Amy Meraki ~ Sacred Sexuality & Self-Love Coach

"The way Hilary holds space makes it feel safe to finally slow down and come home to yourself.  Her particular magic is how she can help you navigate whatever heaviness or shadow you might find there while gently inviting forward the celebration, the sparkle, the joy you may have forgotten exists within you.  Even if you fear you simply have no sparkle.  Trust me, she'll find it."  

Rachel Sizemore ~ Confidence Coach

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