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Hi! I'm Hilary,

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I am a Sex, Love & Empowerment Coach.  I help women who are suffering with the agony of waking up feeling like, "Oh man, another day?" to feeling like "Oh yeaauus!!" 
I know, I've been there myself, and after years of waking up everyday with a sense of heaviness and doom, I'm here to show you that YES it is POSSIBLE! 
After years practicing as psychotherapist and getting my head around happiness, nothing has revealed more to me than the exquisite capacity for it to be felt in the body. 
We all have this undoubtable wiring for joy and pleasure.  I am here to guide you with the most loving, pleasurable and transformational tools to get there. 
 It leads to an endless sparkle that you can truly rely upon. 
  Cuz darling, let’s face it.  You're a rare gem, and you're so worthy of shining. 


You can tell yourself a million times to be happy, read about it, talk about it or create lists.  Perhaps you can access it for transient moment, but unless you feel it in your body as a real thing, and create the conditions that allow it to stabilize, the suffering will likely continue.
I provide 1:1 dynamic coaching, grounded in leading research on brain science and the ancient practices of tantra to bring you to your most natural state of joy, love and pleasure.  
If you want to connect to your inner radiant self, and receive compassionate and expert care... 
Amy Meraki ~ Sacred Sexuality & Self-Love Coach

"The way Hilary holds space makes it feel safe to finally slow down and come home to yourself.  Her particular magic is how she can help you navigate whatever heaviness or shadow you might find there while gently inviting forward the celebration, the sparkle, the joy you may have forgotten exists within you.  Even if you fear you simply have no sparkle.  Trust me, she'll find it."  

Rachel Sizemore ~ Confidence Coach

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For any questions about 1:1 coaching, please reach out and I'll get back to within a few days

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