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Hilary Kern

Hilary Kern, MA, ACC, ATR 

Welcome Creatives!  

Hi! I'm Hilary.  I was an incredibly shy kid and thanks to one extraordinary teacher, I experienced what it was like to be seen for the first time. 

There's an incredible joy and power in authentic expression. It take what can feel like such a disconnected and isolating experience of life into something meaningful. 

I've been searching my whole life to find a way to do that one special thing that my teacher did for me. I've gone from art therapy, teaching, coaching and to my wild adventure in becoming an artist. 

I've taken what I've seen works, and bring those skills and support to you, because I believe that you have something really important. I'm here to help you find it and share it with others.

Start now with CreativiTEA

A free playbook to jumpstart your creative journey

Free Downloadable Playbook

If you're struggling with...

  • regret and worry that you're missing out on something spectacular with your creativity

  • thoughts like this is dumb" or "no one cares" with your art 

  • finding ways to hide from sharing yourself to the degree you’d feel seen and connected

  • being torn between the free flow of creative energy within you and the worry of what others will think  


I Can Help!

I collaborate with clients in 1:1 professional coaching sessions to uncover their creative energy and vitalize a clear vision forward, full of meaning and heart. Through ontological coaching principles and proven mind-body approaches, clients are supported 100% to move past stopping points and take authentic action with joy and ease.

During sessions you can expect to:  

Discover the value of your unique gifts and talents. 

Create and design your creative vision.

Go beyond doubts & worries that may have stopped you in the past. 

Develop strategies to free up your energy.

Take meaningful and authentic action.

Hilary's painting with bright colors

Client Testimonials:

"Hilary was a great help and a joy to work with. In our time working together, I was constantly impressed with Hilary's positive attitude and unwavering levels of support for me.

In our time together I feel like I grew a lot as she gently challenged the thought patterns that were keeping me stuck and unable to participate in projects that meant a lot to me. I'd highly recommend Hilary and I had a great experience working with her."

Mike Stout, CA

About Me:

I am a graduate of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, one of the most rigorous coach training programs, and am a Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and VITA™ Coaching.  I received my graduate degree in Marital and Family Therapy with a Specialization in Clinical Art Therapy. 
For 15 years, it was my joy to create, direct and co-author Dance for All, a social skills program and curriculum originally designed for neurodiverse teens and adults through Arts & Healing Initiative. 

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