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Hilary Kern, MA.  Professional Coach 

Are you living the life that makes your heart sing?  If so, are you taking the steps to make it happen? 
If not, coaching is designed to do just that -- it puts your dreams into action, so you can move past where you’re stuck and spend your precious time on what matters most.  
There’s no doubt you have a remarkable contribution to make, and you have the passion and motivation to do it. 
What if all that was missing were a few simple tools and support to get you going?  

I support creatives, helpers & healers, and sensitive souls who shy away from fully participating, sharing and opening to others to the degree they’d like to feel seen and connected.  

During coaching sessions you can expect to:  

Discover the value of your unique gifts and talents. 

Clarify your inner desires for satisfying connection.

Go beyond doubts, worries and negative self-talk that may have stopped you in the past. 

Develop strategies to free up your energy and express yourself with greater ease and joy.

Practice self-care by taking meaningful and authentic action.

Hilary Kern, MA


About Me:  Hello, I’m Hilary! I used to struggle terribly with speaking up. Thanks to support and practice, I’ve experienced the life-changing power of using my voice to be of service to others.  I’m here to support you share your gifts and make the important contributions you're here make, with joy and ease. 


I am a graduate of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, one of the most rigorous training schools accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  I'm a certified Vita Coach and have trained as a clinical art therapist and psychotherapist, where I supported children and adults to become the authors of their lives through art, healing and self-discovery.   For 15 years, it was my joy to create, direct and co-author Dance for All, a social skills program and curriculum for neurodiverse teens and adults through UCLArts and Healing. 

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