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Let's break free from the concept of “starving artists.” 
Art is ESSENTIAL to our
health & well-being.

Drawing of a person holding up a sign saying "Art for All!"


Why Art is Essential: 

Elderly hands being held


Painted Heart


Hand Drums



Image by Efe Kurnaz

Art illuminates our humanity.

 As we’re faced with constant uncertainty and disruption, art provides 

breathing room to take ourselves and each other in with the

dignity and respect we all deserve.

 The arts foster an incredible way to observe our beliefs and view points. When we share our creative voice, we offer new ways of seeing our world.  

When we understand each other with our hearts, we melt the walls that hold us back from seeing one another as the heroes we are.  


Isolation increases as our on-line

lives expand. The arts have an extraordinary power to connect us in ways that go beyond clicks and likes.

We create meaningful connections that build community and resilience.

When faced with the stresses of life, self-care can often feel out of reach. Creating with support promotes the development of skills that create wellness overtime and nourish us to our core.

Human beings need safe spaces to find and create meaning together.

These moments of belonging can be guiding lights to our daily lives.

Image by Vonecia Carswell


Image by Oliver Cole

 When we create, we focus our energies on who we are and our contributions, rather than the stories and messages we've been told. 

This is what it means to be courageous. 

 It's likely that you've felt free to express yourself and tapped into something special within you. At some point, things changed - maybe you made a mistake or your gifts were ignored by others - and you made the decision to stop creating.  

 And yet, you haven't really given up, have you?  There's a voice inside of you, calling you to be who you are in this world.  The only question to ask yourself is "am I willing!?" 


If the answer is "yes"
then get started now with

A free playbook to jumpstart your creative journey 

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