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How I Can Help: 

My Approach

When we are blocked from our creative gifts, we lose sight of our brilliance. 

Much like at night, it's easy to forget the sun is still shining. When we are encouraged to see the truth about our gifts, we are luminous and brighten the world. When we starve ourselves of luminous connection we miss out on an essential ingredient to a life well-lived.

An abstract painting with neon green, purple, different shades of pink with large brush strokes.

Your Luminous Path:  

See Your Spark 

  • Shine light on your gifts and contributions. 

  • Awaken your creativity through play.

  • Reclaim your creative voice. 


Illuminate Your Path 

  • Set your sights on a path worth taking!  

  • Uncover a vision full of meaning and heart.


Energize Your Vision

  • Create goals that light you up! 

  • Craft a path ahead that engages your senses.


Challenge Your Perspectives

  • See clearly what is in your way.    

  • Learn to refocus when facing blocks and limiting beliefs.



  • Create a community of support! 

  • Uncover allies and resources.


Create With Grace

  • Take action on what matters to you with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

  • Celebrate your success and see the gifts of your contribution.


Want to take the next step ​towards what is creatively possible for you?

Click now to schedule a complimentary session to clarify your creative vision and see how I can help!

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