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Hi, I'm Hilary!

I help artists and creators find their voice and share their gifts  through classes, individual and group programs. 

I love painting, experimental photography and create dynamic works of art with a focus on vibrant color.  

My Story:

I was that kid, who hardly spoke in class and who was terrified to raise my hand.

Thanks to my third grade teacher, I became that girl, who stood in front of the class and shared myself unapologetically.


As a young adult, I felt I had to choose between doing what I loved and making a living.  

I had a lot of inner conversations like:

"EITHER I'm a starving artist OR a responsible adult" 

"EITHER I'm selfish and alone in my artist cave OR I'm part of a community and making a real difference!"


It's been a journey to find a way forward where it's possible to do what I love, have a thriving community and take care of myself.  


The journey has gone from leading a community dance program, authoring an arts curriculum, becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist & Art therapist, a certified professional coach, and most recently, an ARTIST!


 I've taken the best practices from my journey and training to help artists and creatives go from shying away from their gifts to creating a successful path forward!

Connect with Me

Thanks for reaching out!

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