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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a dynamic approach to therapy that uses the creative process to facilitate emotional, cognitive and social growth and healing.

Art and Emotions:

     Emotions and feelings can sometimes be challenging to express through words.  Art therapy provides a safe and encouraging way of using imagery to help you connect to your emotions.  It can make the abstract and sometimes messy feelings, more concrete and thus easier to understand and integrate.  Art therapy also provides a safe outlet for your emotions, giving your feelings an opportunity to be seen and acknowledged. 

Art Therapy and Resilience:

     Art therapy is a dynamic and engaging form of therapy.  Whether you are expressing an emotion through color and shape, imagining changes you’d like to see in your life or using creativity to problem-solve, you are invited to access your innate strengths and resilient capacities. This often leads to feelings of increased confidence.  

How Art Therapy Works:

     Art therapy is not about making great works of art, it’s more about giving yourself an opportunity to express yourself and know yourself better.  I will respond to your needs and interests and we will work together to discover materials and methods that work best for you.  

     Here is a short video on art therapy for adolescents in recovery.  

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